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The Great Wildebeest Migration


Witnessing one of nature’s greatest shows – as millions of wildebeest hurl themselves into crocodile infested waters and try to cross safely as they head from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara – is truly thrilling, and offers exceptional photographic opportunities.

Gorilla Trekking


Encountering a family of gorillas in their natural habitat is a humbling privilege that is hard to sum up in mere words. Come trek these gentle giants in Uganda, Rwanda or DRC (mountain gorillas) or Central African Republic (lowland gorillas).

Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya


Whether you climb for a cause, to get the T-shirt, or just for plain fun, summiting Kili will surely rank as one of your greatest personal achievements ever. Speak to one of our team now for help in selecting the route best suited for you.  The view from the top is more than worth it!

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